Saturday, May 23, 2009

blood is thicker than water

This is a shout-out to my awesome family. They have stood by my side through thick and thin and without them I wouldn't be who I am today. I love you guys. And....side-note: we are all elaborate collection of randomness and complete abstractness in every possible way. But that's what makes a family so sweet....and I wouldn't have mine any other way. You mess with them I kick you to kingdom come. Try me.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tat and Piercings

The tribal butterfly. Symbolizing freedom and a new beginning

About ready to get my nose and nips done....the nose was first...

Totally freaking out!

Filling out the paperwork. I couldn't even write well because I was so nervous my hands were shaking!!!

My nose stud :) Immediately after so it's still very swollen
All in all this experience was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I feel so liberated and free in my life right now. I am learning to be independent and strong, not only for myself but also for my children. I'm doing things I never thought I'd ever be able to do. I'm learning to appreciate things about myself that I didn't even know existed. I'm learning to allow myself to make mistakes and to accept my imperfections. I am learning to love myself for me and not for whatever anyone tells me I am. And as far as the tattoo/piercing experience itself goes, it was AMAZING!!!! The piercings were first. The nose...and then...the *ahem* nips (shhhh...don't tell ANYONE). The guy that did it was soooo bizarre. I can't even describe to you the thoughts and feelings that were running through my head as I bared all to a complete stranger so he could power wash me in numbing spray and stab needles in me. And for all three times...I never felt a thing except a little pressure. I didn't even know they were done until they were done. It was the coolest thing! And then came the tat. The tat symbolizes freedom and a new beginning. That's why I chose the butterfly. The proverbial release from a sheltering cocoon and subsequent metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly.It was the most amazing feeling ever! I know people say tats hurt, and mine hurt like crazy sometimes (I'm talking sweat was pouring off me, my legs were shaking uncontrollably and expletitives were threatening to spew out of my mouth...), but for the most felt GOOD! I was almost falling asleep during most of it...and laughing and enjoying the good sensations it was giving me. I'm officially a freak. I think I'll definitely get just one more...something meaningful that incorporates my three little angels. We'll see. Way down the road.
And so there you have it. Call me crazy. Judge me if you like. Criticize me for my choice words and phrases...for my tats and various piercings if you will. But I am 100% glad I did what I did. This experience was a dream fulfilled.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Things to do today...

Get up.
Go back to bed.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Elliott Yamin - Fight For Love - LIVE

This guy has an amazing voice!!! *sigh*

Yo, Elliott...if you get this, look me up, okay?? We'll tour/sing together. Or better yet, I'll just sit at your feet while you sing to me all day, how's that??? In a completely platonic way of course....just....want to clear that up for inquiring minds ;)

Thursday, April 30, 2009